Monthly Archives: January 2019

Welcome 2019!

New year’s resolutions have never really been my thing. I’ve always been more in the school of thought that if you want to change something about your life, why do you need to wait for a certain day of the year? Just make the decision and do it. Even if it’s on, say, June 22.

However, I do understand that with the closing of one year and the beginning of a new one, there is a tendency to reflect a little more, to think about the things that went wrong, the things that went right, the things that just went and were endured.

As I was preparing to shut the door on 2018, which definitely had its share of high-highs and low-lows, I found myself enjoying every moment that I got to spend with all of the most special people in my life. After saying goodbye to my last living grandparent just a few days before the anniversary of my dad’s passing, it would have been hard not to think about the relationships that are so important to me.

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to say goodbye to Norma when I know she still heard and understood me. I got to recount some of my favorite memories with her and then make even more memories with my uncles, aunts and cousins. Its easier to let go when you know it brings your loved one peace, and it will bring them to a really joyous reunion.

Speaking of joyous unions, y’all know I got married in 2018, right? And we celebrated with that trip to Ireland I’ve been dreaming of for so long. So even with the hard tears, there were happy tears too. And it seems to me, that hard tears mixed with happy tears are the proof that we are really living.

In the past week, I’ve spent some quality time with our new blended family of six, enjoying old traditions and making some new ones. The kids have had their friends around and gone over to friends’ houses. We traveled to the little ‘ville in the northeastern corner of Missouri, where the beau and I met so many years ago before we found our way back to each other, to see his parents. We also got to see his sister and her kids. And at the last minute I got to reunite briefly with the friend who was like a sister to me during the very challenging tween years. I couldn’t know that she was only a mile from me and not at least stop in for a quick hug.

A couple nights ago, right after returning from NEMO (Northeast Missouri) I hooked up with my friend/colleague/roommate Katrina so we could have one last beverage at iTap, our post work retreat when we were both dealing with some of life’s most challenging hits. We couldn’t let iTap close it’s doors for good today without a little reminiscing. As we were heading our separate ways back to our respective neighborhoods, she suggested we try to do a meet up every month. Yes. I agreed. As busy as life gets, it’s reasonable to find at least an hour out of 30 days to have some friend time.

Last night, we had friends over for snacks and drinks. There were kids running around, the pug kept attacking my “frother” (friend who is like a brother-did I just make that up?) Dan, and his wife (who he also married this year) Andrea has been a kindred soul of mine since I first met her on a run (back when I still led the social run) and before we set them up.

I’ve gotten to run and have coffee with one of my besties from Chicago who has been in St. Lou visiting family over break. I even got to start the new year hitting the trail with her this morning at Al Foster, my fave. We remembered running there together 4 years ago on Christmas Eve, we even remembered some of our conversation from that day.

This afternoon, the beau and I took all 4 of our kids, and one of my “adopted” daughters over to Skyzone. We had 7 jumpers. 5 kids and 2 adults. That’s right, even after running 6 miles this morning, I kept the adrenaline going for a romp in the trampoline park. Followed by happy hour at Sonic to negate all the calories burned.

So as I have packed in the quality time here at the tail end of 2018 and extending into the front end of 2019, something occurred to me. Last night, Andrea asked “So, what are your resolutions?” I didn’t really have an answer, since I don’t really do resolutions. But while running with Lynnie today and playing at Skyzone with the kiddos, it just reinforced that I want to continue nurturing my important relationships and living life in a way that is really, truly living. And while I wouldn’t really call them “resolutions” as much as “reinforcements”, I would say these are mine:

Live fully. Laugh more. Love whole-heartedly. Worry less. Take more pictures, both with the camera and mentally. Run with friends regularly. Do anything with friends more regularly. Love the ones who treat you right, and let go of the ones who don’t. Hug as often as possible. Snuggle a lot. Don’t beat yourself up for eating the ice cream (or the pizza, or the tacos, or whatever empty calories present themselves). Seek out more adventures. Take in as many sunrises, sunsets and star-filled skies as possible. Smell the roses. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or the big stuff. Trust that it’s going to work out the way it should. Remember to breathe. Look around and enjoy life. Do the things that make you happy-write more, read more, run more. Go on more hikes with family. Be present. Take care of yourself. Smile. Make people wonder why you’re smiling. Play more games. Play more in general. And when given the choice, jump on the trampoline with your kids. (But be sure to take some ibuprofen and maybe do some Kegels once in a while)

Happy 2019, everyone! I’m wishing you all a year full of love, laughter, hugs, smiles, snuggles, sunny days, starry nights and more happy than hard tears.

Much love,
Rambling Runner Girl